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Sheet Metal Stamping Parts

As one of the leading metal stamping manufacturers, we have more than 60 years experience in stamping industry. Our manufacturing ability to support a wide range of flat sheet metal, including stainless steel, iron and copper, to create a variety of quality products and components. Using equipment that has several punch press options with varying dies to accommodate different material thicknesses, our in-house operations are highly flexible and customizable, with the capacity to support high-volume projects.


We got perfect machinery industry chain: mold design & making, CNC machining, metal stamping, laser cutting, bending, welding, electrophoresis and painting. Common heat treating and secondary operations like deburring, blasting, and cleaning are standard.


Sheet metal stamping is a widely used sheet metal fabrication process. It needs to rely on a variety of metal stamping dies to limit the shape of the product during the material deformation process, laser cutting, CNC punching, bending, deep drawing, embossing, etc. The manufacturing process of deforming a metal plate into a solid shape.

What Can We Do?

Depending on the specific needs of your project, we have a wide variety of different types of metal stamping, including:

    l  Metal die stamping

    l  Sheet metal stamping

    l  Progressive stamping

    l  Short-Run stamping

    l  Deep drawing stamping

    l  Compound die stamping

Why Choose Us?

At present, our stamped metal parts involve a wide range of industries, and exported to United States, United Kingdom, Japan, India and East Europe countries. We have good cooperative relationship with  several large multinational companies such as FAW, FAW-Volkswagen, Toyota, Foton, GM, Renault, Doosan, Hyundai, Haier, Ryan Homes and others around the world.

At Hailong Machinery Group, we produce over 1,000,000 stamping parts each week using a variety of custom metal stamping services and supply a broad range of industries, including:

    l    Auto spare parts

    l    Machine spare parts

    l    Automobile

    l    Industrial

    l    Furniture

    l    Electronics

    l    Pet supply

    l    Plumbing

    l    Public safety

    l    Military

    l    Security devices 

 Take a Tour of Our Stamping Facility and Machinery


Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to provide sheet metal stamping manufacturing with various kinds of metal. Outfitted with over 50 different punch presses equipped to handle capacities up to 1300 tons, Hailong Machinery Group’s state-of-the-art facilities specialize in high-volume stampings using:

    l    Aluminum

    l    Iron

    l    Cold Rolled Steel

    l    Hot Rolled Steel

    l    Pre-Galvanized Steel

    l    Annealed Steel

    l    Copper

How We Work With Your Project?

When you work with Hailong, you'll work with a dedicated project manager that will speak to you about your project needs. You'll get answers to important questions and access to critical resources to help you make informed decisions. After a thorough evaluation of your custom project, we'll recommend the lowest-cost, highest-quality solutions available that will meet your unique specifications.

Some Samples Of Our Metal Stamping Parts


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