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Truck Body

Founded in 2012, Hilong Special Vehicles Department mainly produces various types of truck body for automobile manufacturers.

Now we have a complete set of professional production lines for rolling, welding, coating and general assembling, including light truck body rolling & welding line, medium and heavy truck rolling &welding line and high standard electrophoretic finish coating line. The series production line can produce a variety of truck body and special-purpose finished vehicle cover system.

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Advantages of various carriages

Standard low drop side truck body:

1.The side plate adopts integral roller forming, which has higher strength and longer service life compared with similar ones.

2.Beam and the longitudinal beam are connected through the U-shaped bracket screw, riveting, welding or other forms.

3.The truck body is connected with the Chassis frame with U-shaped bolts and connecting plates, and u-shaped bolts are installed in reverse.

4.The truck body adopts cathodic electrophoresis for overall electrophoresis, which can prevent rust and corrosion and increase the service life of the truck body. The paint adopts high temperature baking paint with high adhesion and bright luster.

Live stock truck body:

Live stock truck body,on exterior design,with beautiful shape, reasonable internal structure, using the high quality steel as skeleton, welding in accordance with industry standards strictly. compartments board goes through the jig corrugated type, has the feature of high strength, at the same time it has the advantage of light deadweight; Live stock truck body can be half & full disassembled and random fluctuation, convenient and practical, safe and reliable, etc.

Wing open truck body:

The wing open truck body,  body parts adopts rectangular square tube frame and corrugated board structure.The side is equipped with anti-flume, and the bottom plate is made of 3mm anti-skid steel plate with horizontal ring to prevent the goods from shaking from side to side.The lower end of the wing open compartment can be equipped with a movable bar.Electric-hydraulic integrated lifting device power unit, 4 hydraulic cylinders, independent lifting on both sides, safe lifting, free open of the wing plate, making transportation more efficient and convenient.

Material&Technology advantage

Since establishment, the Special vehicles Department has successively produced and manufactured more than 50,000 sets of various standards and customized truck body for FAW Jiefang, Beijing Wanrong, Vietnam export Escort vehicle and PE factories in South Africa. And  have a strong team specialized in truck body research, development and production, to meet the needs of customers personalized customization.

Some samples of our Truck Body


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